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Discovering La Villa

Culture and gastronomy

The holiday is in the air already when you enter the groomed Alpine village of La Villa in Badia, stretched between the plateau of Piz la Ila, the Gardenaccia massif and Sasso di Santa Croce. A vacation here, amidst the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a truly sensory experience: views enchant the sight, silence fascinates the ears, fresh mountain air smells inebriating and the genuine flavours of the traditional Ladin cuisine delight the palates. The latter can be explored through a variety of gastronomic events, such as the Peaks of Gastronomy which involves every year the best mountain restaurants of Alta Badia. Neither is a joke the rich cultural program that contains numerous events, essential to seize the spirit of Alta Badia. Theatre performances, the concerts of the project Le Ciastel dla Mujiga, the mid-August parade, the August ski show, La Villa village feast – don't miss these and many other opportunities if you are curious to learn more about the Ladin natural and cultural heritage. All of them are just a few minutes' walk away from Ciasa Odlina Apartments in La Villa.